Please, remove your shoes before entering

Who is Busanmoon

I read in a book that guys like me, are called ”bananas“: yellow on the outside, white in the inside. I don’t agree. I am proud of my Korean roots. More than banana I’m a platano canario

Metro Tokyo

12 stories. 12 subways. 12 cities

I love watching people in the subway when I get to a new place. It says a lot about the society, its level and lifestyle, how happy or not people seem to be…

Cair Tahrir

Trapped in egypt during the Arab Spring

You know when you buy a ticket to Egypt and then Booking.com sends you an email saying that better not, returning you the money…

Coreanos que hablan español

Koreans who speak spanish

When I go to Korea or when I am with korean people I feel different. Even I physically look lilke a korean, just my way of speaking, wearing or even moving reveals I am not the typical korean..

Why Canary Islands and South Korea are so close?

I remember the korean community was so big that it had its own school, supermarkets, shops, videoclubs and even churches..

12 korean films to know more about korean culture

Korean films that can contribute to learn more about the culture, history and customs of Korea and/or, at the same time could be good options to escape from the routine of eastern cinema…

Metro seoul

Iphone vs Samsung: Talent vs Effort

There are nearly 200 countries in the world. Imagine rising from 199th to 12th. I’m not talking about the Top music list or Formula 1. I’m talking about the ranking in the world’s economy…

Drawing sounds

I can write your name or any sound in Korean, or better said, in my own written interpretation of Korean…

comida coreana

12 Korean dishes you should try

If there is something to say about korean gastronomy is the intensity of its flavours. You can like it or not, but no one stays indifferent to the huge range of possibilities the korean food can offer…


South Korea vs North Korea: Clarification

I kindly ask you to read and inform yourselves a little before screwing it up again. We are not talking about wines, but general culture…


Greece: The time I saw the police running away from the crowd

Fear. I can not describe it otherwise. Me with my camera. An Asian between state security and protesters. “Get out of here, turn off the camera“, told me one side. “This is not your business, this is not your war”, I said the other…

coworking B

Made in Korea. Assembled in Canary islands

Born in South Korea, the land which saw me come to the world. Raised in the Canary Islands, the land which saw me grow…


Entrepreneur… Adjective or noun?

What is an entrepreneur? That buzzword which everyone has in their mouth and is released so easily…

Metro seoul

How to sneak into a Google party after the Summit

He didn’t know I had no invitation and neither was in list but you already know how I like challenges, so I made use of some resources of my past as a secret agent in another life…

coworking B

Coworking Fauna

I have seen people without resources reaching priceless things. I have seen strangers helping one another selflessly. I have witnessed miracles…


Digital Nomads. Miracle or more of the same?

The possibility to work remotely via Internet has revolutionized the lifestyle of many people. The rates of incoming digital nomads is increasing more and more…


Guanarteme, yesterday and today

Guanarteme? Be careful there, that’s full of thugs” people used to say me when I was a child…



People going. People coming. Angry people though having enough goods. People whose lives depend on more likes in the net…


The difference of being an islander

It’s something that is not felt until its lack longs. Islands do have something special…

Viva España

Viva España

Maybe sneaking under the skirts of royalty wasn’t enough. Perhaps it gives more morbid play cheat the system and steal when in fact you do not need…

The difference between the right word and the correct word

Although it sounds like a buddhist scroll, the quote is from Mark Twain. I took a time thinking about it when I read it and trying to find out its real meaning…