What is an entrepreneur? That buzzword which everyone has in their mouth and is released so easily.

According to the Royal Academy, is to “the one who undertakes and begins a work, a business, an endeavor, especially if it involves difficulty or danger”.

Entrepreneur, as a noun, is this profile of person currently understood as a kind of cool businessman or aspiring businessman with an innovative project in a fiercely competitive market.

The entrepreneur, as an adjective, sounds like a compliment, something like “fearless”, something like “brave”.

The word entrepreneur comes up during the industrial revolution in France during the nineteenth century. The term defines a person who believes companies of dubious profitability and taking some financial risk. That is, if it goes wrong, you lose time and money.

But if it goes well, you become rich.

According to St. Google, “an entrepreneur is one who has decision and initiative to take actions that are difficult or involve some kind of risk”. I like more this latest version. Although in all cases, the keyword is the risk.

For me, an entrepreneur is a person who has the guts to pursue a dream until making it happen. Both to achieve business success or a personal commitment, either being the best or the first at something or showing the world a different view of making things. No matter whether you succeed or not, the point is to insist until you do.

That’s why not just Henry Ford or Steve Jobs but also Tesla, Cristiano Ronaldo (yes, Ronaldo) or Columbus are for me examples of great entrepreneurs. Because when others gave them for fools, they pursued their dreams even to reach them by public recognition, by obstinacy or even by mistake. And now they are part of history remembered as the creators, the best or the discoverers. And not for being especially talented, which is also necessary, but rather by perseverance and courage.

Great entrepreneurs are not remembered for their fortune, but for what they accomplished.

Being an entrepreneur is not an adjective or a noun. Being an entrepreneur is an attitude. Fame or money come later. Even sometimes only the personal satisfaction of achieving what, however humble, one intends, is what really counts.

So entrepreneur is also that normal guy who hooks the prettiest girl in school, the most desired among all the alphas and succeeds because he does it well, with expertise, optimizing his scarce resources, taking advantage having only one bullet, one shot, one opportunity to achieve his goal. And if it he fails, he tries again.

Entrepreneur is Sancho the Coreanoloco who wants to be the benchmark in Korea in reggaeton, or the Korean benchmark of reggaeton in Latin America (actually who knows what the hell he really wants?). He is crazy, right. But he is doing it and certainly getting on it, because he has his mind very clear and there is nothing that can stop him. I witness and attest, I saw him starting from the bottom and now he rubs shoulders with the big players of the game, hanging around in Lamborghinis and attending parties with actresses and models.

Entrepreneur was my father, who had what must be had to leave behind his comfort zone, his land and his family to pursue his dreams, literally taking the lead of his life and the ship that brought him to the Canary Islands, the land that saw me grow. He was himself a nomadic entrepreneur and not the actual ones, who thanks to internet have it all made. My father.

But the big difference before and now is that there are no Isabels and Fernandos to support more Columbus.

Now there are only viability plans. Now people only bet on you when some experts say that you are a winning horse, and then they are called Angels. Now you have to go to fairs to exhibit, make a super cool presentation and pass the round of investors. At the end the aim is to buy or invest on you before you get too big to be unstoppable.

I am not an entrepreneur of those who appear in magazine covers. But I can say that I do know a little about entrepreneurship.

Moreover, I also work in the Technology Park of Gran Canaria and have the opportunity to be in direct contact with the entrepreneurial ecosystem of the island, to learn about the different participants of acceleration programs, to be part of the Entrepreneur Support Service and to be responsible of some of the coolest facilities for entrepreneurs in the Canary Islands, including the Coworking B, where I have met many talents and, above all, fantastic people I have lived unforgettable moments with.

I can now help people who started alone, like me. I can try to help making the dreams of others come true, because I somehow already reached mine, a humble but beautiful dream. Now all I want is to draw sounds and if my pain in my back allows me, to surf a little.

“… But that’s another story”

(Conan the Barbarian).