For historical reasons, you will not often see a japanese car or cell phone handled by a Korean. Koreans normally use national product.

It is a pride to say that after spending a maelstrom of negative events in our history as being invaded, suffering a civil war and being considered as the second poorest country in the planet, today South Korea is one of the richest countries in the world.

Let’s see if you visualize it better this way: there are currently nearly 200 countries in the world. Imagine rising from 199th to 12th. I’m not talking about the Top 40 music list or Formula 1. I’m talking about the ranking in the world’s economy. Try to catch it, Francisco or, as we say in the Canary Islands, Cógelo Cuco.

If you go to Korea one day, on the street or on the subway you will see that 8 out of 10 people use a Korean phone. The 2 who don’t, use an Iphone.

You will also observe that 8 out of 10 cars circulating are Korean and the 2 that are not, are usually german or american. In Japan it is the same, but in the opposite way.

I will not deny it. I will not be hypocritical. I use an Iphone and drive a Honda. But it that does not mean I laughed at what happened to Samsung with the botch of Galaxy Note 7.

People joke with talibans attacking with Galaxy Notes. The other day I saw a video of a popular video game in which Samsungs were throwed as incendiary weapons.

It may be funny for some people but in my opinion, mocking this thing does not help. It is not about the brand. Terrorism and war are not something to joke about.

Samsung began about 80 years ago exporting vegetables to China during the Japanese invasion.

Since then, this unique case of entrepreneurship has become the most important company in the country, becoming a world reference in technology and billing almost 20% of the kimchi’s country’s GDP 20% … You know what this means?

Korea’s economy relies heavily on Samsung. It’s not the traders or speculators what I care about.

I work at Samsung” is something that is said with pride, not only in Korea. It must be uncomfortable to think that your job could get lost if things become more complicated but, although it has made bend Samsung’s knees, I doubt this will be enough to overthrow the Korean giant.

The rivalry between Apple and Samsung has always been for me something like the one between Leo Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo.

One has been endowed with talent and magic. It is the myth, the genius, the god Messi.

The other, although lacking that divine enlightenment, simply works harder than anyone else to reach the level of a god, and sometimes even better. The first at the training session and the last to leave. It is the Bicho Ronaldo. He can be more or less liked, it is true, but if he’s there it’s for some reason.

To be honest, for affinity, I feel more identified with the second because nothing has been given to me and I don’t have a special talent. I just work hard.

Sooner or later one of the two had to have a letdown as the last one is experiencing Messi now, but I had not realized that there is a big difference: what is now at stake is not the ego of one or the other. Both players will be rich and stars at the end of the season. In the other case, it is not a simple game. It is not a golden boot or ball. We are talking about thousands of jobs worldwide. We are talking about the economy of a country.

I don’t know if it ‘s because of my Korean roots, but talking today with my mother about how all this is affecting the economy of Korea, I felt like writing something about it.

I don’t think a few simple lines will help to make things be better, but from the Canaries I send my sincere support to Samsung. Sure it takes more than a misstep to bring down the titan of the three stars and everything will fizzle.