My childhood was, somehow, kind of weird. Even the term has appeared some few years ago, bullying has always existed. In all groups there was a fat, a skinny, a little… I was the chinese.  Again? I am korean damn it!

It was weird not in the sense of suffering, as I never suffered a conflict further than the normal things among children, but in the sense that there was always a comment from an asshole and I had always had to be ready to defend myself.

And it doesn’t mean at all that I wasn’t happy. I was, I am. Very happy. To say more, I think that being always on guard made me sharpen wy wits and develop a particular personality. It made me stronger in many ways.

And that’s what I am. A korean who speaks spanish.

It someway caused me a problem of identity because even being all the time with my spanish friends, just having a look on my face made me different from others although my way of being, of thinking or speaking said I wasn’t.

On the other hand, when I go to Korea or when I am with korean people I feel different from them. Even I physically look lilke a korean, just my way of speaking, wearing or even moving reveals that I am not the typical korean guy.

I am from both places but from none of them too. A pariah, an outcast. But it makes me feel unique at the same time. Twice rich. I like it.

And talking about likes, suddenly, one day I found on Facebook a group called Korean people who speak spanish. I found out that there are thousands of people like me. I found out there are korean people who speak mexican or colombian. I even found out that the group was created by a canarian-korean who, like me, grew up in Las Palmas de Gran Canaria.

And now I don’t feel so lonely. Not in the sense of loneliness. I have many friends that I love and who make me feel loved. I say it in the sense of knowing that there are more from my specie. Something like what Manny feels when he finds out that he is not the last mammuth.

And, to say more, I retrieved contacts of many canarian-korean people I grew up with me but got lost. Korean people who speak spanish with canarian accent. With nice jobs, business went well for some others. Some others are more than ventures, they are Strongventures. Some others have travelled around the world. Some of them like reggaeton, some others like rock. Some of them wear suits and ties, some others wear caps and hoods. There are even internet idols rubbing shoulders with big guys. We are all ok, everything is good. And we all came out from the same hole. From the playground of Santa Catalina school. Cheers everyone.

And I see them posting in spanish, celebrating when Union Deportiva scores in a match, saying ñiooooooo!! or chachoooooo!!

I even found out that many people are interested in korean culture, food and music. They are not just interested, they are even fans. What to say about doramas and Kpop. Amazing.

It’s good to know I am not the last mammuth. Its good to see that we are a big community, that we are still connected, that things are growing and the next generations will follow our steps.

Kombe for that, my dear friends.