I was born in Busan, South Korea.

My father, fishing captain, travelled around the world, but with my birth, he decided to settle in the Canary Islands, where the fishing boom attracted nationalities from around the world looking for business.

My mother, a great woman, followed him to the end of the world with me on his lap and my brother Carlos in her womb.

Unlike my brothers, I am the only one born in Korea of the three.

Busan is the city where my father was born and raised. He died in 2014 in Las Palmas.

I often think about the guts to be taken to leave of your land, roam around the world and decide to settle in a place where you know no one. It is easier to live on your parents until you’re well positioned to create your own family. It’s easier when you’re in what they call the comfort zone. But not always the easy way is the best, he thought.

He left his family, his homeland, culture and planted a seed in the Canary Islands. The land where I grew up. The land that saw me raise. The land where I feel from.

We are more and more koreans who speak spanish.

I inherited my father’s last name, which honors him. It’s now my turn to write my story in my own way.

I also inherited the name of the birthplace of my parents, which is also mine and with pride.

This is why I am Busan Moon. Made in Korea. Assembled in Canary Islands