I remember that a couple of years ago I posted an article about the mess of the  Galaxy Note incendiary cellphones. A bad moment for Samsung, who, with the political scandal that sent to jail the inheritor of the korean empire, saw how terribly the corporate reputation and the image of the brand was sinking down while Apple was enjoying the success reached with Iphone 6, supported by the new 7.

I also remember that I made a comparative between the rivality Apple vs Samsung with the one between Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo. The best in the world but with different styles: One with the magic touch and the other one, who worked more than everyone to be the number one.

Today i read an article in Forbes in which they talked about the amazing uprising of Samsung in the ranking of the world’s most reputable companies. Samsung jumped 44 spots to the 26th position, while Apple plummeted 38 positions to the 58th. 

I won’t talk about the american brand’s last scandals.

It seems Steve Job’s sucessors rested on their laurels. 



It is all due to an intensive work to improve the image and a corporate social responsibility strategy in which I highlight the campaign “Do what you can’t” (You know guys how much I like a challenge and people saying to me that I can’t do something).

Everything looked really bad and they knew how to manage the situation, with, first of all, public apologies.

Very correct. Very Korean.

I don’t have anything else to say. I just can congratulate Samsung for a great job.

And please don’t misunderstand these words as an attack to the brand of the apple. Remember I once said that I’ve always used Iphone (and still do), but I must admit that more and more often, I got the feeling that my loyalty to Apple is decreasing and that Apple takes for granted that I will be with them forever.

Don’t forget that I am Korean.

“The goat always goes back to the mountain” (Spanish proberb)