Ambition is part of the nature of human beings. It’s one of those things that differentiate us from animals. The fact of wanting to be something more, to achieve a goal. That feeling that pushes us to go further in life.

Okay. We must desire self-improvement. We must move forward. We must undertake. We can’t just watch life passing by, as plants or animals, we can’t get satisfied just with eating, fucking and sleeping.

But in fact, ambition is also the cause of many of the greatest problems of the world. The reason for wars, corruption and many other acts that also differentiate us from animals.

I started wanting to write about the recent case of the dismissal of the President of the Korean Government. How fast the judicial process was and, above all, the energetic way the people went to the streets to protest. Surely there was influence of the opposition to make pressure and encourage people to demonstrate, but I can not say anything but bravo.

Efficiency. Effectiveness. Justice. But above all, I praise the concept of real sovereignty of the korean nation and the fact that people’s voice was heard and not only heard but listened. Well done. Not much more to say. That’s all.

But now I can’t avoid doing something that usually happens when you see something well done or worth admiring: Having a look at what is happening in your home. What is happening in Spain. Though I am proud to be Made in Korea and feeling canarian, I am still a spanish citizen.

I will not make an article of cases of corruption in Spain. I think there is no comment needed, but let me stop talking about the latest one, the case Noos.

Embarrassing and simultaneously ridiculous because it’s not just the suspicion that royalty could be robbing. It’s not only the humiliation of seeing how, to the eyes of the spanish people and the entire world, the weak credibility on the spanish crown, quite damaged already, gets lost. It’s also the absurdity of getting into a trouble like this when you are set for life.

Whether it could have been for skirt issues, a drugs, alcohol or whores scandals, but no. You had to go further.

But perhaps, again, it is not about to settle for eating, fucking and sleeping. Attending events, travelling the world and living la vida loca at the expense of the spaniards was not enough. Perhaps the day to day was already boring for having it all done living under the shadow of the crown. Perhaps it was more exciting when being nobody, you hadn’t more in mind than winning a couple of handball games on your way to some final. Maybe sneaking under the skirts of royalty wasn’t enough. Perhaps it gives more morbid play cheat the system and steal when in fact you do not need.

That’s what we are talking about, right? Ambition. Risk. But what risk are you running when you are involved in serious stuff and when you are caught, everything is solved looking at the floor and answering “I don’t know ” or “I don’t remember?”. You forgot saying “I’m sorry, I won’t do it again” .

I was willing to write about the case of corruption in Korea and I ended up talking about Spain. The world has much more serious problems (which doesn’t mean this one isn’t) not to focus the energies in this pathetic (more) chapter in Spain’s history.

What I meant is that when the scandal of the president of South Korea, was brought to light, the whole country took to the streets to protest and dismissed with it. In France there was a big mess with the riots for the labor reform. Not to mention what I saw in Greece or what happened in several countries during the Arab Spring. Should we talk about the French Revolution?.

I’m not trying to promote violence because violence is not the solution but demanding justice is what gives results. I just wanted to applaud what the Korean people did taking the streets to demonstrate without violence and by social pressure to achieve results. We, the spaniards don’t have blood in our veins. But, yes, we can spend hours talking about Barça’s last match or wrest the arm of La Cibeles when Real Madrid wins.

Unlike the Koreans, we can be reference in football terms, but we stink on what really matters, which is the welfare of the nation. Still, remember that South Korea eliminated Spain in a not so far World Cup.

We are like sheeps, like animals. I say we because I am too. I am not better for having written these lines. And life goes on. Sorry. My favorite TV program has just begun, we continue talking another day.

Viva España.


“People is that part of the state who don’t know what they want.”

(Georg Wilhelm Friedrich Hegel)