I read in a book that, in Asia, guys like me are called ” bananas “: yellow on the outside, white in the inside. I don’t agree. I feel very proud of my Korean roots and more than a banana I am a platano canario.

  • Made in Korea. Assembled in Canary Islands.
  • In love with Canary Islands. My weakness, my love for the islands always leaves me in evidence.
  • Nonconformist. Rebel. Or so they say.
  • Civil engineer specialized in Transports and Mobility.
  • Pure strain entrepreneur.
  • Specialized in Entrepreneurship, Sustainability and Social Corporate Responsibility.
  • Project Manager in Road to Busan. I travelled driving 21.000km on an electric car from Canary Islands.
  • Almost a decade in Tourism. Owner of a surf school.
  • I worked at the International Relations office of the ULPGC
  • Also as Promoter and Dynamizer the Technology Park of Gran Canaria
  • I used to help people at the Entrepreneurs Support Service at SPEGC
  • Enjoyed as The boss at Coworking B
  • I love writing during my free time. Writer, blogger or copywriter.
  • My new passion, El Salto del Pastor. Left the beach, to relax at the mountain. 

Purpose of this blog: Talking a little of everything without mincing words and without any need to sell anything, but not talking nonsense.

Professional goal: To Keep reaching the little goals I propose myself without falling into the day-to-day routine. I would like to someday become a link between the Canary Islands and Korea in a cool way.

Personal goal: To help. I like helping and feeling useful. On the other hand, I would like to find the balance between solvency and free time to continue traveling, enjoying my loved ones and practicing calligraphy drawing sounds.