The possibility to work remotely via Internet has revolutionized the lifestyle of many people. The rates of incoming digital nomads in Las Palmas are increasing more and more.

Although it already existed before, the label of digital nomads perfectly defines this new tribe who travels the world with small luggage, a laptop, a blog and/or Instagram profile full of pictures of fantastic places.

I recently had the opportunity to collaborate and closely observe the organization of the Nomad City Las Palmas 2016 in which nearly 200 digital nomads gathered for a week before sailing on the Nomad Cruise organized by Johannes Voelkner on a cruise to the Caribbean.

We also had the opportunity to meet the group at the facillities of the SPEGC and be present at the speeches of some of these nomads.

In my opinion, to be honest, sometimes it looked like a contest of “who is the coolest and has been in the coolest places”.

Of course there were interesting presentations. Johannes is a great entrepreneur and his platform is amazing. Stella from 22stars has a very nice and beautiful project.

But honestly, the most interesting profiles were those who did not give any speech and told me their projects having a beer together.

One of the speechers said in one of her Rules for a digital nomad something like: “bargain always”… Seriously?

So, you earn a good money (or that’s what you say in your speech), you travel the world hanging paradisiacal pictures in your profile, mainly in poorer countries than yours and you promote among the nomads to bargain to the limit with people who are trying to make a living and whose salary is much lower than yours. Abuser.

Not to generalize, but in my humble experience with tourists which is not small, many of them come with the same mentality, enjoying the vida loca squeezing the poor. They come saying something like: “I was told before coming that in Canary Islands it was like this”. Shameful.

I would maybe understand it if you, for example, were a student, had a limited budget and had always to look for the best deal scratching your pocket. But even in this case, I have seen mama’s boys asking for discounts and deals saying they are students and then a couple of months later you see them on Facebook in the Caribbean having a piña colada, and later showing off in the Full Moon party in Thailand. I have experienced it firsthand. Several times.

If your budget doesn’t reach, then maybe it would be preferible to stay home and give the round the world tour to a globe map.

I was driving last week and given the green light, I had to stop because 3 of these nomads of the event crossed totally drunk and running like nuts. I almost ran over them. I honked but they didn’t care and continued laughing and shouting at 02:00 am as if they were alone in the world. They looked like long aged Erasmus students.

We need to promote quality tourism and I do not mean 5 stars hotels tourism. I mean tourism which has something really nice to bring. Not only money, something good to share. People like Tim, who I did not have the pleasure to meet in person but names my friend David Macias in a recent post his. I mean tourism which don’t use and toss us away to do the same somewhere else, like a plague, like locusts. They have been doing the same for 50 years and we have not yet learned.

And I do not intend to belittle with these words the erasmus students or digital nomads, It takes all sorts to make a world and that’s not the point. We can not judge them all for a few. I’ve lived enough on them to speak badly. I am talking to ourselves, the canarians. We have pulled down our pants, we have lowered the prices, we have given this image to the world and we have forgotten that we are close to Africa, but we are European. With all my respect to Africa.

If we have a good product, pay for it. We let them claim us for free shots and later see them ordering cubalibres in Ibiza for 20€. It’s time to wake up, damn it.

I take this opportunity to greet our most well-known canarian digital nomad, Ruben Mahugo, who was also supporting the event and led the Canarian flag by several countries.

My partner Nacho and I have worked for a long time with members of this tribe in our city for many years. I also take this opportunity to congratulate him for his work in the Nomad Week. Big hug.