In Canary Islands, a guachinche is somewhere you can have traditional canarian food with some cheese and wine, normally self-made. Guachinches are normally a concept linked with Tenerife island but there are some in other islands. They use to have a cheerful looking, completelly opposite to the actual trends of the restaurants, more and more -in culinary terms- chic or sophisticated.

I think I’ve already commented before that I love eating. I love trying new things. I enjoy with strong flavors, but what I like the most is korean food, as a good korean. The point is that although, Korea and Canary Islands have always been very linked, until not much time before, there were not many to choose among.

It gratifies me that, in the last decade, the occidental palate has, somehow, culturized itself, evoluting and getting out of the typical chinese or japanese plate to ask for something else. In the last years, there are more and more korean, indonesian, hindi or thai restaurants in the grancanarian gastronomic landscape. It has to be said that they have appeared as japo-koreans, offering sushis and makis and sneaking some few korean dishes just to differentiate themselves from the japonese restaurants.

They are awesome and I use to go very often to those places. But until now I hadn’t found somewhere where there was served only korean food. It is nice to go to a restaurant and be able to have a pizza and a paella, to order them and mix them, but when i feel like some particular kind of food, I use to go to a specialized restaurant. Maybe in some aspects I am a purist.

There is a small place where they serve korean food in Las Palmas de Gran Canaria in the Puerto area. 

Probably you would never pay attention on it in the street. In the first sight, it has nothing special. Looking at it from the outside and neither from the inside. The thing is the food, which in the main, is the most important for me. Homemade. Without a special plating decoration out of this world. Without modern floweries. 

Please be so kind to allow me to define it as the korean guachinche because somehow, it is.  

It has barely 3 tables, 5 main dishes and the owner opens it at his whim. It’s authentic. It’s the kind of place that you maybe should think twice before meeting someone for a first date, but it normally has success or at least, l never leaves people indifferent. 

At least, that’s what I can say from my side, as it’s not a few people who have asked me to have a baptism with korean food in my secret guaride, my korean guachinche

I have already recommended some korean dishes before. That’s why I didn’t want to do it now, but I must admit that everytime I go there, I do it thinking about the spicy chicken.

Once having tried all Kim’s Pojanmacha’s dishes and having toasted with some shots of soju, the korean national drink, in the case of wanting to play in another level, do not hesitate to ask for new dishes out of the menu to Yu-Hwan, (of Johan for friends)  but always with some time in advance to get the ingredients necessary and depending on the season.

He will assist you with his particular humbleness and seduce you with korean flavour with canarian accent, explaining you everything about korean food with pleasure, but not the recipe, of course.


Kombé, my friends.